We are a team that works day in and day out with our clients to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

6team was born more than twenty years ago as a design and advertising agency with a clear focus on creativity that is in our genes. We have continued to evolve over these many years. Our commitment to innovation, to new technologies, to new ways of working, to keeping up with the latest developments and applying these to the business world is the passion (1) of everyone that has ever been on our team as well as everyone on our team today.

Over the years we’ve seen some changes, new people, a new brand, new partners, transformations that have allowed us to strengthen our leadership in a sector that combines two disciplines (2) where we’re at our strongest and most competitive: communications (3) and marketing (4).
Today, as we take another step forward into the bright present, (5) we have some who have been here since the beginning as well as some new faces, and a youthful spirit tempered with experience, bursting with creative ideas that are consistent with the times.
Eager to help and grow, to strengthen visions and values, to offer fresh perspectives to this exciting landscape, to seduce. We strive constantly to grow, to create, to share, to set new goals, to find new solutions, to be more creative (7).
We invite you to find out for yourself just how innovative we can be, how far we can go (8).

Clarifications for troubled internauts:
(1) Easy is boring, difficulty draws you in, but the impossible obsesses. (2) Creativity with no strategy is called art, creativity with a strategy is called advertising. (3) The most important thing in communication is listening to what people don’t say. (4) Marketing is like sex, everyone thinks they’re good at it. (5) Because NOW is the future. (6) If you want results DO NOT always do the same thing. (7) Creativity is not only knowing what to do, but also knowing why you do it. (8) We don’t really understand why people are scared of new ideas, we’re more scared of old ones.